High quality and unique wood products, used in all areas of the interior is the strength of “VD-Werkstätten”.

Founded nearly 40 years ago as a specialised supplier to the local furniture industry we have grown through investment and groundbreaking innovations to become a major provider of embossed and shaped panels globally.

In the past marquetry, insertion and carvings adorned furniture and interior woodworking surfaces. Today it is the smooth, geometric form which is desired, and understood as a final solution of timeless beauty. Here we see our approach - the search for the modern ornament.

Inspired by the distinctive structures of natural and man-made textures, we are constantly striving to create unique surfaces that transform the cold, smooth shape and structure of interior surfaces. The geometry of moving water represents to us an example of how to visually represent the dynamics of nature in interpretive form. Flowing, dynamic shapes give the interior landscape a straight-edge-consuming complexity and elegance, as it is only found in nature. The depth of these structures creates a distinctive and unique play of light and shadow and an unmatched blend of look and feel. Abstraction and reduced aesthetics are important, but they generate an unparalleled sculptural presence. The permanent communication with renowned designers and architects challenges, encourages and allows us to respond immediately to new trends. Our own research and development department, state of the art tool shop and a cutting-edge production facility are the guarantee for the high quality of our products.

Whether a standard panel, semi-finished parts, or finished installation ready carton-packaged furniture items - 130 employees provide a quality-centred manufacturing process which encompasses every customer's wish. Be inspired by a unique collection that sets the standards, and is known far beyond the borders of Europe.