2510 Brickwood - minimalist and boiled down.

Panel size
- 3135 x 1270mm / 123" x 50"
- 18,5mm / 0.73"
- one-side
- Paricle board
- Alpi veneer black
- Alpi veneer grey
- raw, unlacquered
no repeating pattern
- flat structure with shallow pattern

Technical information

Storage / Transport
Always store in a well-ventilated warehouse, never in areas of high humidity. Always store / transport flat, lying fully on a pallet/board, etc – the corners must never protrude from or overhang the base board of the pallet during storage or transport. Never transport or store the panels upright, either on the short or long side. The cover board should always have at least the same dimensions as the Holz in Form panel, and cover this completely. To avoid contact marks, a layer of corrugated paper/card or foam sheet should be used between the layers. For transport the pallet must be evenly strapped. Before finishing, always allow the panels to settle

After being properly stored and transported, and allowed to settle, the panels can be finished using woodworking machines and tools suitable for panel products. Tips on edge finishing can be found on our CD and our website. During finishing it is important to ensure that the panels are kept completely flat and that the corners are not allowed to overhang. Particularly before lacquering, it is important to ensure that the panels are laid completely straight and do not show any distortion, because any distortion (for example, an overhanging corner) will be irreversibly fixed by the lacquering.